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About the Author

Jenifer  Johnson

Jenifer Johnson grew up in a small town nestled along the East Bay of California. She spent her days finding sunken treasures and traveling to far away islands, without ever leaving the backyard. She knew writing was her passion and immersed herself in creative writing classes at Diablo Valley College. She went on to graduate from California State University of Hayward with a BA in communications. Although her career took her down a different path, she never quit writing short stories. When she had her first child, she found her muse and created what will be the first of many stories. Jenifer currently lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with her two children.

About the Illustrator

Barbara Morgan

Barbara Morgan studied at the Art Academy of San Francisco, where she developed an interest in zinc plate etching and the process of aquatint. Her pen-and-ink style has been developing since childhood. Barbara lives, with her husband, in Wilmington, Delaware. Author Jenifer Johnson is the youngest of her three children, and they already are at work on their next children’s book, The Gypsy Magician.

As a working mom of a small boy named Noah, Jenifer Johnson wanted to be there to see each smile, watch him grow and explore with him. She missed Noah every minute she was away, imagining him and his daily routines. So she invented “The Nap Fairies” and would tell her son this story during their times together. She imagined the Fairies making the journey for her and watching over him. During their times apart, she was sending him “love, laughter and my heart ever after.”

It was a natural next step to turn to her own mother Barbara Morgan, a gifted artist, when she decided to create this book. Both author and illustrator knew how children can grow anxious at bedtime and they wanted to give them a sense of comfort. Now Nap Time Fairies provides parents a lovely way of connecting with their children whenever they’re apart—as well as when they’re together. Nap Time Fairies is sure to become a favorite bedtime story for families everywhere.

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